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Looking for a way to inject some tropical vibes into your home? Look no further than the Calathea Stromanthe! With its vivid pastel stripes, this triostar stromanthe plant is one of the best ways to add a pop of color and dreamy tropical vibes to your space. These full, vibrant plants can grow 2 to 3 feet high and 1 to 2 feet wide at maturity with the proper care.

The Calathea Stromanthe isn’t the hardest plant to care for, but it is known for needing specific growing conditions to thrive. Display this species in a spot with bright, indirect light, such as an east-facing or north-facing window.


Ficus Elastica ‘Tineke’ is a rare and beautiful plant. The Elastica Tineke has large, rubber-like variegated green, white, and pink leaves. Ficus plant requires moderate light, but not full sun, and moderate watering.

Ficus aren’t the fastest growers, but the most common reasons for no growth being root bound. It’s during spring and summer when the ficus grows best and will show you some lovely colours. Remeber to keep the Ficus Elastica Tineke White plant, away from HVAC systems


This non-flowering houseplant has red, white, or green foliage that mostly depends on the creeper type. The leaf shapes can be arrow, oval, or elliptical in adult plants.

Maintaining the right temperature and humidity, frequent lime-water sprays, and indirect and bright sunlight ensure the beautiful growth of this arum species. High-level pruning helps young shots to have a healthy and bushy growth.


Native to the rainforests of French Polynesia in the South Pacific, any of the pothos will tolerate low light and infrequent watering. Njoy Pothos however can also be grown indefinitely in water making it a great plant for aquariums and pond setups.

They are low-maintenance and do very well in bright or indirect sunlight but also survive in low light areas. These require watering only once or twice in a week. These plants also grow very well in the hydroponic system.

They are toxic to pets when consumed. Hence keep them away from pets and kids.


The stunningly brilliant yellow flowers of Parodia magnifica, is a bluish-green geometric spherical cactus with wool that develops in clusters.  It continues to go by the old name Eriocactus magnificus in cultivation. These cacti develop a hollow structure on the top, which with time may distort. A cloud of light yellow spines obscures Parodia magnifica, which sparkles.

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Golden Pothos are popular houseplants since they grow well indoors and outdoors. These are non flowering evergreen vines with leaves that are yellow, white or light green with striations. These plants add such beauty to the spaces they are kept in and for this reason, are often grown as indoor plants at home, shopping centers, and office desks.

They are quite low maintenance and do well in bright sun, indirect sunlight and in low light areas. Golden Pothos require watering only once or twice a week and also grow well in a hydroponic system (just water).

These ornamental plants are believed to bring in good luck and prosperity. They are also said to purify the air in their surroundings by absorbing toxic pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, and toluene.

It’s good to nore that they are toxic to pets when consumed.


The lucky bamboo plant has it’s origins in Southeast Asia and has been well-known for its use in Feng Shui for over 5,000 years.

Though the plant looks like and grows quickly like bamboo (it can grow well over a foot in six months), it’s not related to the bamboo species, and is actually more a succulent.

According to Chinese traditions, the significance of lucky bamboo is tied to how many stalks are there.


Echeveria are common garden plants, however they are not easily available. Although they can tolerate drought conditions, regular deep watering and fertilising will make them more attractive. The hybrids are not  resistant of frost and shade. Most plants in temperate climates lose their lower leaves in the winter, becoming “leggy” and less appealing. This plant will be a beautiful add-on to your indoor collection.


This semi-tropical plant of the Araceae family has white foliage with green hues. Its butterfly-shaped leaf makes them a perfect decor piece. With the correct watering and fertilization, they develop mottled foliage that gets sharper colour as it matures.

This creeper plant grows well when tied to a moss pole, and pruning gives the vines a great contrast against your light-shaded walls. Syngonium Butterfly can grow up to 24 inches with proper maintenance and care.


Monsteras are popular houseplants from the Araceae or Aroid family. Due to the lacy holes and notches on its leaves, monsteras are frequently referred to as Swiss cheese plants or vines.   In contrast to the deliciosa, it has smaller, more fragile, and more perforated leaves. Adansonii has a trailing characteristic that makes it an ideal choice for hanging baskets even though all Monsteras are regarded as vines.

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