Top 10 Bathroom Plants for Your Home

Indoor plants these days are necessary to upgrade your interiors and give them an aesthetic touch along with the goodness and benefits of their existence wherever they are placed. Are you sceptical about having plants in your bathroom? Doubtful if they can thrive in a place where the temperature keeps fluctuating and the humidity is constant. If that’s what you’re thinking about, all we would say is “worry not”. Keeping a plant within your shower is a unique, interesting creative decision, regardless of whether you have a bathroom with a green colour theme or a really opulent, contemporary design. Additionally, it is quite advantageous to you. They can help in balancing humidity by absorbing unwanted moisture, purifying air, keeping your mental and emotional health in check and also giving an aesthetic appeal to your bathroom. Below is a list of certain varieties of indoor plants that thrive well and are well-suited for temperatures in the bathroom.

Aloe vera

Popularly called the “plant of immortality” is the first pick if you want to nurture an indoor plant in your bathroom. It thrives well in low light and damp conditions which makes it ideal for a bathroom plant. Aloe vera can release oxygen at night and absorb CO2 which makes it easy for you to breathe.

Peace Lily

This plant can absorb moisture from the surrounding which makes it suitable to be placed in bathrooms. They can manage and thrive on indirect low light. You can benefit from this plant as they are air purifiers and can filter harmful toxins from the environment.

Spider Plant

This bathroom plant species love to live in cosy places, and can grow at any temperature. Just be careful not to place them under direct sunlight. It is also believed that placing this plant in the bathroom can give you good fortune. Other benefits include air purification and absorption of harmful indoor pollutants.

ZZ Plant –

Popularly known as the “eternity plant” is easy to maintain. They can thrive well when placed on window sills enjoying indirect bright sunlight. It is a natural air purifier and can absorb indoor pollutants.

Snake Plant

An easy-to-maintain foliage plant that is loved by all. It can absorb impurities and can keep the air clean by absorbing toxic substances such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.


It’s a perfect bathroom plant to be placed on a bathroom shelf. A variety of pothos plants is easy to maintain and can thrive under indirect and low lights. They can purify indoor air and can absorb harmful toxins.

Wandering Jew

It is a bathroom plant that thrives well in water and soil. It can survive at temperatures ranging from 60-75 °F however, the temperature below the mentioned range can be quite fatal for wandering Jews. This plant sits happily in a bathroom because of the moisture that it requires to stay healthy and grow.

Maranta leuconeura

Popularly known as “prayer plant” can be a right fit in your bathroom as it can thrive fairly well in humid environments and medium to low light. The special trait of this plant is that the leaves will be opened during the day and closed during the night.

Syngonium podophyllum

The survival characteristics of this plant make it an ideal indoor plant for the bathroom. They can thrive well in indirect sunlight in a warm and humid environment. This low-maintenance and absolutely adorable plant is an excellent air purifier and can keep you away from indoor pollutants.


The shape of this plant makes it suitable to grow in bathrooms. They can do well when kept on shelves, narrow spaces or terrariums. It doesn’t demand direct sunlight so it can dwell in bathrooms with just medium to low indirect light. Its attractive leaves can add beauty to your bathroom space.

Consider using a hanging basket for growing plants or placing the plants on the window sill or countertop. Even better, hang them from the wall or put them on open shelves behind the closet.

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