Small onion


Onion are very hardy and can survive in a wide range of growing conditions.

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How to sow:
– Seeds should be sown 2.5 cm (1 in) deep allowing 10–13 cm between plants and 30–45 cm (12 – 18 in) between rows.
– Onion transplants which have been started indoors can be transplanted to the garden at a similar time to planting seeds.
– Transplants are ready to be planted when the root system has developed sufficiently to bind the soil in the cell together. Transplants should be spaced 10–13 cm.

Common Name: Onions, shallots
Botanical Name: Allium parvum
Maximum growth dimensions: 6-8 inches
Light: full sun
Temperature: 15 C – 40 C
Planting season: spring
Edible parts: root and leaves
Soil Type: well draining consistently moist soil
Watering frequency: regularly
Bloom time: N/A
Flower Colour: N/A
Toxicity: non-toxic
Difficulty level: Easy to grow

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