Dracena milky

Dracaena Surculosa Aurea


A popular easy-to-grow indoor plant that requires bright indirect light and well-draining soil.

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– Our Dracaena milky plants come in 8 cm * 12 cm pot with our own premium soil blend. Great for decorating your space!
– Delivery within 5-7 days from day of ordering.

– We ship directly from our greenhouse to your door. Our plants never sit in dark warehouses.

– Expertly packed. However, As with any living being, the signs of travel may be quite evident.

– Please provide some attention and care for the next couple of weeks

– Plants with shallow roots may topple over during shipping due to their shallow roots. Do not panic!! All you have to do is pot it back in the same container.

– The images/photos shown here are for representational purposes only.

– All our plants are delivered to you in either a 4″ or 6″ terracotta coloured plastic pot

– Comes with a cute postcard with care instructions.

Common Name: Dracaena Gold Dust, Japanese Bamboo, Gold Dust Plant and Spotted Leaf Dracaena.

Botanical Name: Dracaena Surculosa Aurea

Maximum growth dimensions: 3 – 10 ft

Light: Bright, indirect sunlight

Temperature: 15 C – 30 C

Soil Type: Rich compost, well draining soil

Watering frequency: Regular

Bloom time: Non-flowering

Flower Colour: Non-flowering

Toxicity: Non-toxic, but keep away from pets

Difficulty level: Easy to grow

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 12 × 20 cm