Frozen snake plant

Sansevieria Trifasciata - Frozen


The Frozen Sansevieria is very similar to Black Coral Snake Plant except it remains small. This is an upright miniature snake plant that is perfect for night-stands at homes or desk tops in offices.

These plants do extremely well in offices or buildings where they have to live away from windows or natural light. They are frequently found in indoor atriums as they pair well with other plants and add a vertical element to mixed containers. They can be moved outdoors during the summer months or into the part sun as long as they are gradually transitioned to handle higher levels of light. Snake Plants do not require much watering and do well in small spaces.

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More Information :

– Frozen Snake plants come in 21 cm * 10 cm pots with our own premium soil blend. Great for decorating your space!
– Delivery within 5-7 days from day of ordering.

– We ship directly from our greenhouse to your door. Our plants never sit in dark warehouses.

– Expertly packed. However, As with any living being, the signs of travel may be quite evident.

– Please provide some attention and care for the next couple of weeks

– Plants with shallow roots may topple over during shipping due to their shallow roots. Do not panic!! All you have to do is pot it back in the same container.

– The images/photos shown here are for representational purposes only.

– All our plants are delivered to you in either a 4″ or 6″ terracotta coloured plastic pot

– Comes with a cute postcard with care instructions.

Common Name : Frozen Snake Plant

Botanical Name : Sansevieria Trifasciata ‘Frozen’

Plant Type : Succulent

Maximum growth dimensions : Height: 6 – 12 in., Width: 6 – 12 in.

Light : Bright indirect light, shield from direct sun, Low Light, Part Shade

Temperature : 18 C – 24 C

Soil pH : Slightly acidic levels to slightly alkaline levels

Soil Type : Use a well drained soil

Watering frequency : Water when soil dries out

Bloom time : Spring and Summer

Flower Colour : Greenish white

Toxicity : Mildly toxic

Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 10 × 21 cm

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