Brinjal (ppl)


Brinjal is a rather small plant that grows up to 1.5 m. The plant is classified as a herb because of its non-woody stem. Its simple leaves are oblong to oval, slightly lobed, with its underside a paler green than the upper surface. Both leaves and stem are covered with fine hairs. Its flowers sprout singly or in small clusters from the leaf axils. Its fruits are berries with many seeds and are either long or round and vary in color according to the variety: white, orange, green, purple or black. It is a perennial and fruits all year round.

Brinjal is a crop grown in warm weather and requires a warm growing season. It is very susceptible to frost. It can be successfully grown in a rainy and summer season crop and can grow at an elevation of 1200m above the sea level.

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– Expertly packed and delivered within 5-7 days from day of ordering.
– Comes with a cute postcard with sowing and care instructions.

How to sow:
– Place the seeds on the surface of the medium & push each seed a little inside the medium by using pencil tip, so that seeds are not visible on the surface anymore & cover it with more coco-peat.
– Keep the seed tray in a box or cover it with paper for first 4-5 days to encourage faster seed germination.
– Seeds will take about 2-3 weeks to germinate.
– Seedlings should be spaced about 45-60 cm i.e. 1.5 to 2 ft apart.
– Take optimum care while transplanting as it might disturb the plant growth.
– The plant will fruit after 3-4 months.
– Eggplants grow about 40-90 cms as compact, self-supporting shrubs; but the heavier varieties might need support.

Common Name: Eggplant, brinjal, aubergine,Baingan
Botanical Name: Solanum melongena
Maximum growth dimensions: 18-36 inch
Light: full sun
Temperature: 15 C – 30 C
Planting season: Summer
Edible parts: fruits
Soil Type: Well drained loamy soil
Watering frequency: once a week
Bloom time: summer
Flower Colour: White, purple
Toxicity: toxic to people and pets when consumed raw
Difficulty level: Easy to grow

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