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Siriya Nanagai, also known as the King of Bitters, is named for its intensely bitter tasting leaves. This herbacious weed grows well in most soil types in semi-shade. Its white flowers have purple streaks and can self-pollinate.

In traditional Chinese and Indian medicine, it is used to reduce fever, inflammation, blood sugar, and high blood pressure.

The upright shrub can found in a variety of habitats from wastelands, roadsides, hills, wetlands, and in seasides in the tropics and subtropics.

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Peperomia rosso, native to Brazil, Central, and South America, is a plant closely related to true black pepper. It belongs to the Piperaceae family, along with pepper plants and 3600 other species.

The name “Peperomia” is derived from a combination of two Greek words, peperi and homios which

altogether means “pepper-like.”

This mixed breed of Peperomia Marmorata and Peperomia Metallica is famous for its ability to grow in different temperatures and humid levels. Its small size, combined with its beautiful combination of dark green and red leaves, makes it a lovely sight to behold.

the Peperomia rosso is a definite treat for anyone with a green thumb and a love for tropical plants.

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This flowering perennial shrub grows well in well drained soil under full sun and flowers in spring/summer. While it’s known for it’s abundant therapeutic properties, it also does beautifuuly as an ornamental plant.

Stands as the symbol of remembrance and fidelity. Great addition to your herbal garden!

Fill your garden with the fragrance of this aromatic herb and don’t forget to experiment with it in your kitchen!

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Peperomia fraseri is a pretty easy going. This plant has the most stunning fuzzy white flowers making it quite different from other Peperomia. Peperomia fraseri can be found in tropical and subtropical regions

Ivy plants do best with moist but not soggy water and enjoy medium bright light. The leaves are fleshy with long-stalked leaves. In late summer it will produce long-stemmed spikes of greenish white to white flowers. Ivy plants can survive in low light conditions, but if they do not get enough sunlight, they will shoot out long vines and become leggy. The plants will also become more prone to pests in low light conditions.

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Neon Pothos are the most popular variety of the Pothos family. These popular houseplants do well indoors and out. These evergreen vines with neon green leaves are often kept as indoor plants at home, shopping centers, and office desks. They are low maintenance and do very well in bright, indirect sunlight but also survive in low light areas. These require watering only once or twice in a week but also do very well in the hydroponic system.

These ornamental plants are believed to bring in good luck and prosperity. They are said to purify air by removing the toxic pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene and toluene.

It is good to note that they are toxic to pets when consumed.

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Watermelon peperomia is an evergreen tropical perennial related to pepper plants. The botanical name of watermelon peperomia contains the word ‘argyreia’ which literally means “silvery”— referring to the stripy markings on its oval green leaves and ‘watermelon’ in its common name because its fleshy leaves resemble the rind of a watermelon.

Because of its leaf shape, peperomia watermelon also has the common name watermelon begonia. The term radiator plants come from the fact that the small, compact houseplants love warm air and plenty of indirect sunlight. However, native to tropical and sub-tropical climates, peperomias—including watermelon peperomia—thrive in humid conditions.

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Aralia green is an elegant, colorful, and low-maintenance plant native to India. It thrives in full sunlight or partial shade. It grows slow and steady, and needs very little water. The plant has green, white, gold, or cream leaves with a glossy texture that are lacy, rounded, or spinach shaped. The plant responds well to trimming. The trunks of specimen aralia plants- thick, woody, and curving, are often unique and exotic looking.

It is a very popular houseplant and grown as an ornamental hedge. An aralia plant can be used as a table plant and later as an impressive floor plant when small.

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Schefflera is a large genus of tropical plants,  which has its origins in Taiwan and South China, is just 1 to 6 feet tall on average but has a maximum height of about 13 feet. The Schefflera plant is a favourite indoor plant because of its lovely leaves and purifying properties. The palmately complex leaves have 7-9 leaflets. Under artificial lighting, they make good office plants, but if left in a dim area, growth will be significantly hindered.

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These indoor-friendly plants have oval-shaped and shining leaves that bloom out twice a year. They are usually planted during the spring season when the weather is still cool.

Partial sunlight, rich organic pot soil mix, mindful watering when the top inch of the soil is dry, and frequent fertilizer feedings make these gold beauties thrive for longer periods.

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One of the palms that is most frequently utilised for light interiors is the areca palm.  It has fronds that arch gracefully and have up to 100 leaflets each. These strong, large plants are attractive. These palms have smooth, occasionally golden trunks that look like bunches of bamboo. They grow slowly to moderately and are best planted in the spring.

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Monsteras are popular houseplants from the Araceae or Aroid family. Due to the lacy holes and notches on its leaves, monsteras are frequently referred to as Swiss cheese plants or vines.   In contrast to the deliciosa, it has smaller, more fragile, and more perforated leaves. Adansonii has a trailing characteristic that makes it an ideal choice for hanging baskets even though all Monsteras are regarded as vines.

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Also known as Tiplant, this evergreen is grown for its strikingly colourful foliage. Being considered as good luck plants, this is the favourite of Hawaiian gardeners. This beautiful houseplant does well in warm humid climates

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