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This flowering perennial shrub grows well in well drained soil under full sun and flowers in spring/summer. While it’s known for it’s abundant therapeutic properties, it also does beautifuuly as an ornamental plant.

Stands as the symbol of remembrance and fidelity. Great addition to your herbal garden!

Fill your garden with the fragrance of this aromatic herb and don’t forget to experiment with it in your kitchen!

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Jelly beans look beautiful in succulent arrangements or grown on their own. Thanks to their sprawling

growth habit, mature jelly bean succulents can also be used as ground cover. The flowers which bloom during the summer months are yellow with tiny pure yellow petals. The Sepals are club-shaped and uneven and the stamens are short and stout.

These cute succulents are characterized by small chubby leaves that turn bright red/bronze in hot, sunny conditions. They can be grown successfully indoors as a houseplant or outdoors in the warmer climates. In colder climates, jelly bean succulents can be container-grown outdoors in summer and indoors over winter. As with

most succulents, jelly bean succulents are low-maintenance and do not require much attention to thrive.

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Peruntulasi is one of the most sacred plants belonging to the basil family. This plant is rich in medicinal value and is used in extensively Ayurveda. This plant is known to heal common infections like congestion and flu and is even known to repel insects.

Bring home this beautiful aromatic plant to garnish your dessets or add to your teas!

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Coleus amboinicus or Plectranthusamboinicus, called as Omavalli in Tamil is a semi-succulent perennial plant with a pungent oregano-like flavor and odor. This fast growing plant is primarily grown as a spice plant and an ornamental plant.

The plant grows to a hight of 1 meter. It’s stem is fleshy, with either long rigid fur or densely covered with soft, short and erect fur. Old stems are smooth.

The aroma of the leaves is a combination of oregano, thyme, and turpentine while the taste of the leaves is similar to oregano, but with a sharp mint-like punch.

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Artemisia pallens, (Marikollunthu) is an aromatic herb or shrub, commonly known as wormwood, absinthe, southernwood, and mugwort.

The plant is known for their filagree-like leaves and their tolerance for dry, sunny locations. Their non-showy flowers are often clustered in panicles and are small, white or yellow, and cylindrical.

This easy to grow plant is best suited for terrace and balcony gardens.

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