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Aralia green is an elegant, colorful, and low-maintenance plant native to India. It thrives in full sunlight or partial shade. It grows slow and steady, and needs very little water. The plant has green, white, gold, or cream leaves with a glossy texture that are lacy, rounded, or spinach shaped. The plant responds well to trimming. The trunks of specimen aralia plants- thick, woody, and curving, are often unique and exotic looking.

It is a very popular houseplant and grown as an ornamental hedge. An aralia plant can be used as a table plant and later as an impressive floor plant when small.

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Betel leaf plants are grown for their leaves that have high medicinal value. These are evergreen creepers with heart shaped leaves that are widely used as flavouring agents

In Indian tradition, the betel leaves are considered auspicious and a sheaf of leaves are offered as a mark of respect to dieties and guests at home.

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Table rose plants are popular flowering annuals. These plants bloom very bright coloured flowers and are usually grown as ground cover plants. They love growing under bright sun in sandy soil and need only occational watering.

This is an easy to grow plant and does best when planted in spring. However, they are toxic to pets when consumed.

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This non-flowering houseplant has red, white, or green foliage that mostly depends on the creeper type. The leaf shapes can be arrow, oval, or elliptical in adult plants.

Maintaining the right temperature and humidity, frequent lime-water sprays, and indirect and bright sunlight ensure the beautiful growth of this arum species. High-level pruning helps young shots to have a healthy and bushy growth.

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Syngonium podophyllum, also known as the arrowhead plant or Nephthytis, is a creeper related to Philodendrons. This tropical perennial shrub or vine of the Araceae family climbs up to 6 feet.

It’s known for its low-maintenance, green or variegated, long-petioled leaves and bush-like habit with some cascading stems. Its blooms rarely when grown indoors.

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