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How good it is to know that your plants can sometimes outlive you just with little care? Great right? To give you that feeling with a little care for your plants is why we have introduced our “Balcony Buddies”. They can pull through any difficult conditions and even on neglect and that’s why this combo can be a great pick! Included are ZZ plant, sansevieria, Philodendron Moon

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This kit included the vegetable seeds that can be grown easily in the balcony / terrace. Happy growing and happy cooking your home grown veggies

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This kit includes the healthy green vegetables seeds. These are easy to grow and can be grown in the balcony / terrace. These make a great addition to the kitchen garden.

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Happiness! An emotion that everybody wants to experience. A reason why we work so hard everyday! This combo with bamboo included brings luck and happiness. Plants as a whole lift our mood and this combo can do it a bit extra. Included are Bamboo, Sansevieria cylindrica, pothos, Jade

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Do you have a beautiful balcony, and an extravagant view, but still missing something? We know what you’re missing…Yes! It’s a beauty add-on–Our hanging plants! They’re our stunners…Buy now and you’ll definitely not regret ! Included are Pothos, Hoya, Tangled Hearts, Spider plant

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Want to accessorize your home or office space with something vibrant and exclusive? This combo is the right pick for you. It includes Rattle snake plant, Fittonia, Neon pothos.

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Why get an artificial humidifier when you have these charmer’s doing the work for you! They are natural humidifiers. This air-purifying combo can absorb harmful toxins from the environment. They also convert these absorbed toxins into breathable oxygen. And that’s the reason that this combo is a must-buy!

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Do you want a good and peaceful vibe along with the aesthetic touch of the plants? Then this combo will serve you right. They are believed to purify the air and also help set a peaceful environment.

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Are you a plant lover but not able to make enough time to take care of these lovelies? If so then this is the combo for you! This combo set is easy to grow and does not need much maintenance. They are a combo of cacti and succulents who can thrive even on neglect!

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