The common name for pothos is known as devil’s eye. The reason is that it is impossible to kill this plant even if exposed to dark lighting conditions for a long duration.

It is a straight yes, as they have calcium oxalate crystals that harm the skin and can cause skin irritation if you consume them.

After the rise in the number of plant fanatics during COVID, there has been a surge in the price.

Yes! If the temperature is 65 degrees Fahrenheit, it is well and good. But if the temperature dips below 50 degrees, it is better to keep them indoors.

When your leaves turn yellow, it indicates overexposure to sunlight. So, better to keep them far away from the light, or you can roll down the window curtains.

If you have a mossy stake tied to your pothos, then misting should help the plant get the required humidity for better aerial root growth.

Pothos don’t bloom. They produce beautiful and shining leaves if given suitable growing conditions.

Pothos need repotting to a large pot frequently during their root growth phase.

Yellowing foliage and dropping leaves are the two common problems of the pothos plant family.

There are forty-seven varieties of pothos plants, as per Kew Science.

It is ten years if they have healthy growing conditions and proper care.

  • Tilt your pot up and down once in a while helps prevent any uneven growth
  • Get rid of any fertiliser residue once in six months
  • Water your pothos with distilled water instead of a tap water source

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