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Product title: Silver Dollar Plant (Xerosicyos danguyi)

Common Names: Lunaria, money plant, honesty, moonwort

Product title: Silver Dollar Plant (Xerosicyos danguyi)

Common Names: Lunaria, money plant, honesty, moonwort


  • Perennial herbaceous vine 
  • Thin, hairy, cylindrical, and fast-growing stem 
  • Thick, succulent leaves which are grey-green in color 
  • The leaves are ovate or heart shaped and are coarsely toothed
  • The leaves are usually about 6 inches / 15 cm in length
  • Small, purple / white / yellowish-green flowers (upto 0.25 inch / 6 mm in diameter)
  • The flowers bloom in late spring
  • The flowers are borne by broad, leafy racemes that measure upto 7 inches / 18 cms long. 
  • Main stem grows up to a maximum of 20 inches / 50 cms before branching out
  • Some varieties are annual while some are biannual

About the plant: 

This plant is known by quite a few names with interesting reasons behind each of them. It is called Honesty because of its frankness in displaying its seed in the pods. It is also known as white satin flower since the mature pods glow like satin. Moonwort because the translucent pods are round like the moon and money-in-both-pockets as the mature pods look like coins.  This plant derives its name from the Greek language where ‘xeros’ means dry and ‘sicyos’ means cucumber. This plant is native to west / south-west Madagascar and Toliara. This plant is native to both Europe and Asia.

Product Description: 

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Common Name  Silver dollar plant, money plant, honesty, moonwort, Lunaria
Botanical Name  Xerosicyos danguyi
Plant Type  Herbaceous perennial
Maximum growth  


2 – 3 feet tall; 1 -2 feet wide
Light  Full sun; partial shade
Temperature  Ideally between 60 to 70 degree F
Soil pH  Neutral to acidic
Soil Type  Moist, rich
Watering frequency   —
Bloom time  Spring
Flower Color  Purple, pink
Difficulty level  Easy to grow
Benefits  Medicinal, culinary


Light :

Though full exposure to the sun is the best option, this plant grows well even in partial shade. 

Water :

Being a xerophyte, this plant hardly demands any water. If the top part of the soil is consistently moist, it is sufficient to water the plant just enough to stop the leaves shriveling. But standing water causes the roots to rot and so must be avoided at all costs. 

Soil :

Sufficiently moist fertile sandy or clayey soil.


Under the right growing conditions, one silver dollar plant will multiply and become many plants. Being an aggressive spreader with few characteristics of invasive plants as well, the seeds germinate easily and quickly occupy all the available space in your garden.   

If you want to contain the spread of this plant, harvest the plant soon after their seeds pods are fully developed but before they drop any seed. These seeds, when maintained in a dry container can be used anytime at a later date when required.

Common Pests, Disease & care:

Though these plants are extremely easy to grow and maintain, they too are susceptible to a few diseases.  Some of the common ones are septoria leaf spot (fungal disease), clubroot, or aphid (insect) attacks. If you notice any of these issues, remove the infected part till the signs of infection pass.


Landscape use:

It can also be grown in hangings pots which allows its branches to cascade towards the ground. Also these species grows on rocky outcrops, in grasslands or pampas, on plains and walls. Because of its striking foliage and lovely flowers, especially when variegated, this plant is used.

Ornamental use:

Silver dollar plant is widely used in dried flower arrangements by gardeners / landscape professionals. Many gardeners raise the silver dollar plant in a flowerbed or at the back of a border planting.