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Product title: Pinwheel Desert Rose

Common Names: Thickleaf Aeonium, Fisiulera, Tree Aeonium, Tree Anemone, Houseleek tree, Irish Rose

Product title: Pinwheel Desert Rose

Common Names: Thickleaf Aeonium, Fisiulera, Tree Aeonium, Tree Anemone, Houseleek tree, Irish Rose


  • Succulent shrub 
  • Leaves are arranged as pretty rosettes at the ends of branches
  • Leaves are thick, fleshy, spoon-shaped and grow up to 6 inches / 15 cms in length
  • Rosettes die after flowering
  • Flowers are bright yellow in colour and are small, star-shaped and appear as conical or ovate racemes
  • The plant is in full bloom from late winter to early spring
  • The plant’s growth is maximum between winter and spring

About the plant: 

Pinwheel desert rose is a succulent plant and a native of North Africa and Canary Islands.  With stems that branch out extensively and medium-green leaves that form pretty rosettes at the end of branches, this plant is quite a sight to behold when it is in full bloom. Reaching a height of up to 3 feet / 90 cms, it looks like a miniature tree. When in bloom, it produces bursts of abundant yellow flowers that form long clusters. Though desert is its middle name, this plant does not thrive in hot or dry weather. Pinwheel desert rose plant grows best in coastal areas and even better during cooler months.  In summer, when. the weather is extremely hot, the leaves curl up to prevent excessive water loss.


Light :

Pinwheel desert rose thrive in sunlight. While partial shade is ok, exposure to western sun is best avoided. 

Water :

Being drought-resistant, this plant does not like water stagnating around its roots. In summer, when the plant goes dormant, it should be sparingly watered. Even in winter, watering once a fortnight or a month should suffice.  

Soil :

This plant grows best in light, porous / well-drained soil.


From stem cuttings: 

New saplings of pinwheel desert rose can be obtained from stem cuttings. Terminal rosettes or leaf cuttings can also be planted to grow new ones. be There are some varieties of pinwheel desert rose that do not branch out at all. Such varieties can be propagated only through seeds. Ideally, it is better to cut off a stem and plant them separately when the plant is actively growing which is usually during the fall season. Since these plants go dormant in summer, stem cuttings of these plants do not normally grow roots during this season.  


Thought tree anemone is not susceptible to most infections, it is still affected from attacks by aphids, mealybugs, scale insects and thrips.

Product Description: 

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Common Name  Thickleaf Aeonium, Fisiulera, Tree Aeonium, Tree Anemone, Houseleek tree, Irish Rose
Botanical Name  Aeonium Arboreum
Plant Type  Ornamental / decorative shrub
Maximum growth  


Upto 3 ft in height
Light  Full sun or Bright indirect sunlight
Temperature  Ideally between 65 – 75 degree Fareheit
Soil pH 
Soil Type  Well drained consistently moist soil
Watering frequency  Very sparing
Bloom time  Late winter to early spring
Flower Color  Yellow
Difficulty level  Easy to grow
Benefits  Ornamental, easy-to-grow shrub