How to Care for Plants Bought Online?

Bought an indoor plant online? A bit puzzled about how to take care of them? Worried because you’ve lost an indoor plant that rapidly shrivelled and wilted? Don’t worry about it.  Maintaining houseplants can be a bit demanding but they are an immensely satisfying activity. How you take care of your indoor plants will impact their growth and blooming. You must tend to the basic needs of houseplants. They will perish if left in complete darkness or without access to water. Nearly all types must be kept in a warm room since they will eventually wilt in the absence of nutrients. This blog gives you an overall idea of how to take care of indoor plants and ensure proper growth if bought online

Water Enough but Not Too Much

It’s crucial to realise that they require less water in the winter and that drowning them in water by overwatering the soil will kill them. Along with nutrients and water, plant roots also require sufficient airflow. Plants with waxy or leathery leaves demand less water when compared to plants with lush and thick leaves. Just remember that you’ve overwatered your plant if mould appears on the soil’s surface or if there is standing water at the bottom of the container. If the soil starts to look lighter or appears cracked, it’s time to water your plant. Succulent family plants need intervals of dryness in between waterings.

Use Fertilisers To Support Growth

There are granular and pelleted slow-acting fertilisers available for houseplants. They progressively release their nutrients over time when they are placed on a surface or buried in a compost pile. Liquid fertilisers are generally regarded as the best option for fertilising potted plants. The recommended amount of fertiliser is added to the water and applied at the time of watering, combining irrigation with feeding in a single operation. This kind of fertiliser for indoor plants prevents overfeeding and enables you to cut back or stop using fertiliser altogether.

Try To Increase Humidity In The Room

While certain plants, like cacti, may thrive in dry air, most plants, especially tropical plants, require humidity. You can place a cool-mist room humidifier and place it close enough to the plant to add moisture to the air without wetting the foliage or blossoms. If not the humidifier or you can choose the alternatives mentioned below.  

  • Water should be added to a tray of pebbles so that it is slightly below the heads of the stones. The evaporating water will humidify the space.
  • To give the plants more moisture, you may also put distilled water in a spray bottle and spray the plants.
  • Low humidity can cause wilting, browning leaves, and poorly developing flower buds in your plant.
  • Putting your plants in groups increases humidity.

Manage The Amount Of Light The Plant Receives

If you are trying to nurture your plants under low light levels, you must keep the leaves of the plants clean. Maintaining a clean plant is crucial since the accumulation of dust can hinder the process of photosynthesis. To do this, you may either put the entire plant in the shower or just dip a rag in some clean, warm water and wipe the dust off. Additionally, this is an effective method for getting rid of certain pests. You can also get rid of brown and dead leaves to stop infections. Keep the windows clean and free from dust particles, to let in as much heat and sunlight as you can. The sun moves during the day, thus it’s vital to shift the plants accordingly.

Pruning… Yes Do It Whenever Needed

It’s crucial to research how often you should trim your plant because different plants require varying amounts of root pruning. Without proper pruning, a plant can grow out of control and its roots can overgrow its container or vase. Pruning your plant on a regular basis will maintain it healthy and save you from having to replant.

If you are unsure of how to care for your plant, don’t freak out. The above-mentioned tips can be useful to you. Of course, it’s crucial to conduct enough research on the plants you’ve purchased. You can get a variety of plants from www.dharmikgardens.com and one benefit of purchasing plants online is that our website frequently provides instructions on how to care for the plants.

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