How to become a Successful Balcony Gardener?

Setting up a balcony garden was a major positive mental diversion during the pandemic which is still in trend. Bengaluru statistics by ATREE reported that 50.8% of residents are growing vegetables or fruits in their gardens. About 21.3% of people practised their gardening on their balconies. The majority of these gardeners planted flowers or ornamental plants, but another significant number of people said they also grew chillies, peppers, and vegetables. When balcony gardening is trending and has so many benefits why not experiment with it? Below are a few balcony gardening ideas to help you become a successful balcony gardener.

Rule 1- Start with a Few Varieties

You’ll be all excited when you plan to set up a balcony garden. It is totally understandable but you should keep in mind not to overdo it.  Just be careful not to start a huge balcony plant project that will consume more time and energy which will significantly reduce your time spent relaxing and having fun. Yes! When you start planting your varieties, make sure to start with minimal plants and once you get a grip of it and know what to do and how to spend time then you can add in your varieties and expand your gardening.

Rule 2- Pick Varieties of Low Maintenance Plants

Based on the climate and location of your balcony, select the ideal plant and pick plants that don’t take a lot of work and are easy to maintain. You can start off by growing aloe vera, snake plants, and money plants on your balcony. Even though apartment dwellers may not have large balconies, you can still use every square inch of your yard to grow a stunning garden. To extend the intervals between waterings, try water-saving granules.

Rule 3- Be Prepared for Strong Winds

The varying weather, mainly the strong winds that are particular to high-rise balconies, maybe one of your major barriers. While a light breeze helps plants grow stronger stems and roots, a strong wind can harm plants and quickly dehydrate the soil and plants. To prevent things from being damaged or moved by the wind, you’ll need to figure out a technique to fix them securely. To provide some shade, climbing plants like jasmine can be grown on slatted screens or trellises.

Rule 4-Suitable Fertilizer Is a Must

To make sure there are adequate nutrients for high-quality veggies, potted plants also need to be treated with fertilisers during the growing season. Instead of trying chemical fertilisers, you can also use homemade ones. You can try egg shells, onion peels and compost tea. As an alternative, you can also easily feed your vegetables with fertilizer sticks or spikes.

Rule 5- Make Sure to Set a Watering Schedule

Worried about the watering schedule of your plants when you’re out at work or a family trip? Don’t worry if you have installed an automatic watering system for your balcony garden. It is one of the easiest methods to make caring for your plants simpler. This is a great approach to make plant maintenance a little less labour-intensive since many of us have hectic lifestyles that can interfere. Installing a straightforward drip system is simple, and it will regularly activate a pump to drip water into all of your containers.

Rule 6- Plump for the Right Pot or Container

The biggest beginner error when it comes to container selection is to utilise numerous smaller nursery pots. These dry out more quickly and are thus simpler to knock over. It is always better to use larger, deeper and wider pots because they will hold more compost and moisture. Before adding compost to your pots, place some tiny rocks or stones in the bottom to improve drainage and conserve compost. Plants like tomatoes and peppers can grow well in containers


Rule 7- Planning on a Vacation? Get Your Garden Prepared for It

Going on a long vacation? Anxious about the plant’s health?  Don’t think much, just before leaving on vacation, make sure to set up a self-watering system. Additionally, if your balcony gets a lot of heat, consider hanging a light screen to prevent the plants from scorching in the sunlight. They’ll be safe till you return. If possible get any friends to check on them.

Modern concrete jungles can benefit from a touch of greenery from balcony gardens. Balcony gardening should never be underestimated because it adds a touch of nature to your surroundings, gives you a place to rest in addition to your home’s main living areas, filters the air, supports wildlife, and allows you to enjoy gardening.

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