Health Benefit of Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are trending home and workspace decor that adds a pop of colour or visual interest to your decor. They give your home a whole new look. Do you buy indoor plants just as an object of ornamentation or is there anything more to it? Yes, indoor plants have a number of health benefits that each one of us should be aware of. As houseplants have innumerable health benefits, indoor gardening may last longer than other social media trends, which are known for their quick rise and fall.

According to research, we spend more than 85% of our time indoors and adding houseplants to your home is a simple way to bring nature inside.

As a natural Air Purifier – According to a thorough NASA study, eliminating trace amounts of harmful gases from inside a fully enclosed building involves using both plant leaves and roots. However, just the leaves can purify indoor spaces of low quantities of pollutants like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. According to a different study, bromeliads can remove over 80% of six of the most prevalent VOCs from the air in just less than a day, while dracaena can get rid of 94% of acetone that is in the air in the same time frame.

Natural Air Purifiers

With the increased on-road vehicles, construction sites, and industries, pollution is getting out of control. Even the air indoors contains harmful chemical pollutants. The air is filled with volatile organic compounds (VOC) from paints, varnishes, and carpets that are released as gases and combined with the atmospheric air.  Houseplants are an efficient and affordable approach to reducing VOCs and enhancing the health of your home. Just as opening windows and installing air purifiers can improve indoor air quality and lower chemical emissions, adding houseplants can do the same.

Improved Sleep

Statistics state that, in India, about 33% of adults are sleep-deprived which leads to a lot of health-related problems. If you’re not getting enough sleep and if your sleep cycle is disrupted, placing an indoor plant in your bedroom can offer you a helping hand. Some indoor plants have the ability to absorb CO2 and release O2 even during the night. That’s why it makes sense why many scientists and medical professionals advise bringing houseplants to your bedroom. A recent study found that exposure to high oxygen levels at night can encourage deeper, and more restful sleep. Some of the best oxygenating plants are snake plants, money plants and areca palms.

Combat Depression and Anxiety

Indoor plants can improve your mood while easing the signs and symptoms of long-term conditions like PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Although taking care of houseplants can be “positively distracting” and give you a sense of purpose, there are even more advantages to having indoor plants for your mental health. According to a 2007 study, the Mycobacterium vaccae bacterium, which is present in both indoor and outdoor soil, actually causes the release of serotonin, which enhances both emotional and mental wellness.

Reduce Noise Pollution

Confused as to how indoor plants can reduce noise? Some large, fleshy and broad-leafed plants can reduce sound by reflecting, absorbing, or refracting noise pollution. The ideal plants for the job are those with broad leaves, including cacti, rubber plants, and weeping figs. The ambience in your home can be kept quiet and relaxing by placing a few larger plants against an exterior window or wall. This will assist to muffle annoying sirens, car noises, dog barking, and other sounds.

Saves You from Allergens

Houseplants can significantly reduce the amount of dust, mould and pollen in indoor air that causes sneezing, watery eyes, cold and sore throat. Indoor plants can also lower some of the most prevalent allergens and enhance respiratory health. Houseplants’ ability to control humidity levels can help lower problematic moisture levels in bathrooms and other damp locations prone to mould, while their ability to reduce indoor airborne dust by up to 20%.

Productivity Boosting Buddy

You might find that a bromeliad is the best office pal you’ve ever had. According to numerous studies, having plants around the office boosts both creativity and productivity. According to a widely used 1996 research, having plants nearby made students at a college computer lab work 12% faster and felt less anxious. Even better, tests on students revealed that having indoor plants around increased their exam scores and attention spans.

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