Best Indoor Plants for Every Room in Your House

Indoor plants are famous home and workspace decor that add a splash of colour or visual interest. They completely transform the appearance of your home. Is it just for decoration that you buy indoor plants, or is there anything more to it? Yes, indoor plants have a variety of health benefits that we should all be aware of. We spend more than 85% of our time indoors, according to research, and adding houseplants to your home is a simple way to bring nature inside your home. Indoor gardening, which has numerous health benefits, may last longer than other social media trends, which are known for their quick rise and fall. Why wait? Start with buying some indoor plants that are easy to maintain. This blog gives you an idea of the types of indoor plants that will be the right fit for every room in your house.

Looking for Fragrant Plants for Your Bedroom?

The lavender plant, be its colour or its mild fragrance, always stands out for elegance and beauty. Other medicinal benefits of lavender have been shown to reduce heart rate, blood pressure, and stress levels, making it ideal for the bedroom. Several studies have shown that the scent of lavender in bath oil calms babies and helps them with deep sleep, while also reducing stress in the mother. For the lavender plants to thrive well, they prefer warmth and sunlight, so place them on a window sill where they can be exposed to indirect sunlight and water them occasionally.

Aesthetic Living Room Plant

Peace lily as the name suggests is a symbol of peace and harmony. It is notable not only for its low maintenance requirement but also for its attractive appearance. If you enjoy flowers and are more fond of indoor flower plants, then peace lily is the right pick. These plants are incredible, they purify the prevent the growth of mold spots in the air. Once you understand what they require to thrive in the home, they are easy to take care of. 

Dining Room Charmers

Bamboo Plants are considered a symbol of growth and prosperity. Many households contain a bamboo plant. It can be grown in a container or in a garden. Certain bamboo species, such as lucky bamboo, can even be grown in water. Bamboo plants are low maintenance and don’t require much care but the benefits are vast. They attract positivity and bring good luck, wealth and good fortune to your home or office space.

The Dazzle of Herbs in the Kitchen

Kitchen space brings you the creative and innovative side of you and your kitchen is never complete without herbs. Herbs provide both living decor and a helping hand in the kitchen.  You use a lot of herbs to enhance flavours in your food so why not make space for herbs like coriander, mint leaves, oregano and parsley? Growing some herbs won’t be difficult if you already enjoy gardening. You must be familiar with the fundamentals of herbs. Herbs require a lot of sunlight to grow, so place them near a sunny window indoors.

Bathroom Companion

Spider plant species love to live in cosy places, and can grow at any temperature. Just be careful not to place them under direct sunlight. It is also believed that placing this plant in the bathroom can give you good fortune. Other benefits include air purification and absorption of harmful indoor pollutants. ZZ plant can also be an apt pick to be placed in a bathroom. It is popularly known as the “eternity plant” and is easy to maintain. They can thrive well when placed on window sills enjoying indirect bright sunlight. It is a natural air purifier and can absorb indoor pollutants.

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