5 Plants to Gift Your Friends on Their Birthday

Gifts- This simple word can bring a magical smile to anybody’s face right? Everybody loves to receive gifts and surprise gifts can make anyone happy. Yes and that is the sole reason for bringing in the concept of gifting people during occasions and birthdays. Gifting your loved ones on their birthdays expresses your love and lets them know how much they mean to you. So why not gift them some beautiful plants that add value to their space? In addition to contributing to purifying the atmosphere, plants also help you create a calm environment, whether it be at work or at home. Have you already decided to gift a plant but wondering what plant to gift? Below is the list of top 5 plants gift that you can give your loved ones.

The Purple Beauty- Lavender

Flowers in the lavender family stand for holiness, serenity, devotion, peace, grace, and calmness. The colour purple is associated with royalty and also conveys elegance, refinement, and richness. So, if you’re looking for a sophisticated yet distinctive plant, consider sending your amie some lavender. Lavender plants are gorgeous to look at and will charm your friend’s home with their lovely scent. Lavender is known for its calming and quiet fragrance. It is one of the most beautiful plants for interior decoration.

The White Elegance-Peace Lily

The peace lily is a symbol of peace and also is also considered as a lucky plant that brings harmony and good fortune. Is your pal that silent one in a mischievous group? If so, peace lily would be the right fit for your silent cool friend. Although this sturdy plant is simple to grow, it needs the right conditions to flourish rather than just survive. It is extremely attractive with white blossoms and is well-known for its ability to purify the air.


The Pure Bliss-Orchids

Thoughtfulness, elegance, creativity, beauty, charm, and love are all attributes associated with orchids, making them the ideal bloom for all of life’s special occasions. With all these characteristics can you think of anyone who dislikes orchids’ delicate flowers? Commercial orchid cultivars are resilient and simple to grow with only moderate care so don’t worry too much about maintenance. One of the best ideas is to gift these stunning orchid plants. Gifting your loved ones orchids will let them know that they are special to you. Any environment be it a home space or office space, can always benefit from the brightness of orchids. Consider giving your loved ones orchid plants as a present.

The Common Belle- Spider Plant

In eastern culture, people consider spider plants as a symbol of good fortune and health, which is mostly because of their strong and lengthy leaves. It is believed that these plants will grow to represent stability in life. A spider plant, the most common and easy-to-maintain plant is a go-to gifting choice. It simply needs weekly watering and indirect light, making it near zero maintenance. The plant can be enormous, but you can also grow “babies” from a large plant and give those as gifts instead, which creates a bond between your plant and the one you give. Additionally, spider plants are non-toxic, making them suitable as gifts for homes with pets.

The Symbol of Good Health-Lucky Bamboo

The lucky bamboo as the name says brings luck. So if you’re planning to gift the best for the best person then lucky bamboo will be the right choice. Lucky bamboo is a symbol of wood, water, and soil in feng shui. The plant is in good health and draws good energy into the home. The plant is simple to maintain and may grow in any light. Gift this lucky charm because we believe that there is no better way for a more effective approach to showing appreciation. 

These plant collections are easy maintenance and will thrive well with little care. Gifting a plant will always make a difference to whomever you are gifting so let’s not just do the normal and gift plants than can benefit the earth and your loved one… Let’s go green. Are you looking for gift plants online? If so, look up some collections for gifting plant lovers https://dharmikgardens.com/

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