10 Pet-Friendly Plants and How to Maintain Them?

Are you a pet parent but also like to nurture plants and decorate your space with green friends? We know that you are susceptible to the idea of having plants around that might harm your furry family member. To be honest, not all plants are good for pets and they can sometimes harm your furry friend’s health. However, we think we got your back here! Yes! You can be both a plant and an animal parent. There are a set of pet-friendly plants that you can own which are harmless to your pets and low in maintenance. Now stop thinking about animal-plant compatibility and buy the pet-friendly varieties that best suit your space. Some of the best pet-friendly plants are mentioned below.

Spider Plant-Tops the Pet-friendly List

With its long, green leaves highlighted by a white stripe along the middle, the spider plant is actually a distinctive indoor plant. This robust species might be right for you if you lack a green thumb. These plants prefer a little more shade than the others but aren’t sensitive to light. They frequently use large amounts of water during the summer and almost none during the winter. They can surprise you with beautiful blooms if taken care of well. These plants look stunning when arranged in planter bowls, pots, or hanging baskets.

Money Tree-Brings You Wealth and Safe for Pets 

Money trees are non-toxic potted plants that have braided trunks that are thought to bring luck and financial prosperity. Since they require lots of humidity and strong, indirect light, placing this plant in your bathroom is a great idea. Money trees are easy to maintain so you need not worry much about the caring part of it.

Swedish Ivy- Beauty Creeper

The Swedish Ivy can grow indoors or outdoors in a shaded area of your yard and is safe for cats and dogs. These vivid green fragrant herbs smell so good that you might not need an artificial room freshener. Make sure to regularly water your Swedish Ivy but do not overwater it. Remember that the leaves are delicate and leaving them under direct sunlight will burn the leaves.

Prayer Plant- Out of Harm’s Way

Botanically known as “Maranta leuconeura” is a foliage variety known for its unique looks. The leaves of these plants shrink at night and open during the day. It is a low-maintenance plant which requires occasional watering and monthly fertilization.

Boston Fern- Gorgeous and Fur Friendly

These gorgeous-looking ferns are non-toxic and can elegantly adorn your home space. Any window frame can be given life by these ferns, even if it’s just minimally placed in a hanging basket. These lovely greens require little maintenance and are non-toxic. Boston ferns prefer moist areas so placing them in bathrooms will also be a good idea

Areca palm- The Tropical Pet Safe Tree

These great plants are toxic-free and are also excellent air purifiers. Knowing that the areca palm is safe for cats and dogs to interact with is comforting right? But, rarely, palm leaves might arouse a cat’s playful swatting and biting impulses. They grow well in direct sunlight and require sufficient space. 

Orchid-Stunning Yet Safe

These beautiful orchid plants also known as “ Orchidaceae” are a treat to the eye. They’re not just lovely looking but are very safe for cats and dogs. Since they have exposed root systems by nature, make sure that the roots have plenty of room to breathe. Repot your orchid in an easy-draining moss mixture, and water it only when the soil is no longer wet.

Friendship Plant- A “No Harm” Bond

They are beautiful with intricate leaves. They are smooth to touch and can never harm your pets. They are easy to maintain and the plants require moderate to bright sunlight and water only when the soil feels completely dry.

African Violet- Drought Tolerant and Pet Tolerant

The Cape Marigold is another name for African Violet. It’s a pet-friendly plant because it lacks wavy leaves or petals and has no fragrance, which will not attract your furry companions. These budding infants don’t need much sunlight to survive, but they do need lukewarm water to grow well.


Peperomia- Trouble-Free for You and Your Pets

This a large family with various kinds of plant varieties. These low-maintenance plants thrive in low water and light. Peperomias can properly adorn any bathroom because they are often small and mostly prefer humid areas. These stunning creatures are also non-toxic to cats and dogs and can really purify the air.

There are proven facts that pets and plants can have a positive impact on both the mental and physical health of a human. They can aid in enhancing well-being and reducing stress. Similar to riding, strolling, and going out to dine, gardening likewise minimizes the signs of depression and anxiety while boosting positive emotions.

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